Ramkumar Madhavan

I came to know about Sharath through a close friend of mine and Sharath has been handling his personal finances for almost 4 years now. Though I have become Sharath’s client recently, I have known his expertise in the field for 4 years now. So what made me sign up for his services after so View Full →

Vishal Gupta

I have done some kind of Financial planning since I got out of college. However that was mainly saving money and depositing in a bank, getting a fixed deposit done and be happy (sorry I am a bit old school). Around 2004 I started working with a reputed bank in India to help invest money View Full →

Abdul Nasir Shaikh

Sharath, my money man. The first time we met in person – he changed my perspectives on making my money work for me. I have always considered myself wise with my money but through our constant engagements and conversations we have seen how I can make my investments work better. My portfolio has become more View Full →

Urvil Khakhar

Sharath is not your typical Financial Planner and a Product Manager who’s greedy (because of commission) about selling financial products without validating the customer’s need of it. He has a higher purpose towards ensuring financial discipline in his clients’ life. He’s a financial coach, educator and leaves the financial decision of investment on to you. View Full →

Dipanjan Dutta

I met Sharath through a colleague of mine about 4 years ago. By that time I have had more than a fair share of misfires with financial advices and had no idea how to manage money. 2 things stuck to me about Sharath during the first interaction – he was not there to sell any View Full →

Amit Tandon

Well, the road to betterment starts with the realization — ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘I need help’! It was exactly this story a couple of years back that my wife and I debated on Best tools for Investment. Since both of us thought we knew it all and with personal and family experience to back our View Full →


”He addressed the subject with so much honesty and sensitivity. I along with my HOD’s team and Mr. Aditya Malla (General Manager) are quite impressed with the way he kept us all engaged and focused throughout the workshop.”.


“Everyone I talk to wants to express their appreciation towards Sharath’s inspirational and thoroughly productive session. The depth of knowledge on the subject and ability to present it in such an interesting manner has got us all thinking about our money matters.”


“Most of us have taken our ‘Pennies for thought’ from his workshop. Extremely informative & Enjoyable! We would be happy to have him again to share your insights.”


If you think you know it all and have been there and done all the perceived right things in the realm of personal finances, you should give Sharath a call. The call is guaranteed to open your eyes !

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