Dumb Money Mistakes That Even Smart People Make

- Sharath Mascarenhas

A Planning and goal-oriented workshop, specially designed for employees to achieve their financial goals and help plan for retirement and get the best bang for every buck you pay.

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About the Author

Sharath’s Journey to becoming an accomplished Financial Coach began when he lost over 4 years of his income blindly investing in financial instruments, with no concise plan or  tructure in place. Back then, like most people, Sharath too had an ignorant approach towards  nvestments which included buying ad-hoc and random products – primarily for tax  Savings. And like most people, he too, gave into the temptation of buying his own house – thinking it will secure his future. As a  Result, he went from having
no debt to servicing a home loan and two personal loans in just about 10 months.

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